Private House, Salisbury Heights

This project involved the development of design thinking for a new family home on a steeply sloping site in Salisbury Heights, South Australia.

The brief required an inherently flexible layout which would adapt to the needs of a young family.

The design proposed two pavilion like buildings split by a central glazed atrium. The atrium provides the sense of arrival and the navigation space which links the ‘public’ side of the house to the ‘private side’ of the house.

The public side of the house is characterised by a large open plan kitchen and dining space which links to an extensive terrace, pool and deck. The private side of the house contains the bedrooms and main bathrooms with incidental spaces created to provide childrens’ play areas and break out zones.

The scheme massing was developed to maximise the aspect, orientation and topography of the site whilst ensuring privacy and a sense of enclosure.

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Adelaide, South Australia


Private Residential

“The house is characterised by a central atrium which provides a sense of arrival and a separation of the public and private spaces”
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